Starbucks Baristas Leaked Photos Of A ‘Zombie Frappuccino’ Allegedly Coming On October 26

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Forget your Pumpkin Spice Lattes! According to People (and some not-so-discrete baristas), Starbucks may be rolling out a limited edition “Zombie Frappuccino” just in time for Halloween.

As far as flavor goes, the drink is allegedly a blend of “green apple caramel powder and pink powder with a creme base,” and “pink whipped cream finished with a pink mocha drizzle,” for the “brains” on top. Sounds pretty gross if you ask me.

People reports that a few baristas leaked the info on social media, and word has it that we’ll be able to try the new concoction on October 26. But according to their sources, it will only be available through Halloween so if you want to try one, you’ll have to act quickly.

People reports that they went directly to Starbucks for some answers, but they only got the following response: “Our Halloween plans are still under [mummy] wraps, but we look forward to sharing more details with the living soon.”

This comes on the heels of the infamous “Unicorn Frappuccino” that had Starbucks lovers going crazy (and Starbucks workers dreading their jobs), but we’ll see if this mystery beverage takes off in the same way.