14 Summer Meals That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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If there’s one season truly made for enjoying food, it’s summer. Many people center their social events on food, and for most people, food makes us feel better. So, it only makes sense to try as many different foods as possible. Here are some food-related activities you’ve got to add to your bucket list and complete before Labor Day.

1. Eat Only Ice Cream for an Entire Day
Aside from ice cream being the best dessert ever, what better way to show your love for it than by eating it for an entire day?

2. Experience Lemonade
Crystal Light or Country Time is not real lemonade. Toomer’s Drugs has real lemonade

3. Eat a Mango While Taking a Bath
Nothing, I repeat, nothing is quite as pleasing as drawing a bath with a perfectly ripe mango. What better place to eat a mango than while taking a bath? Refreshing, tasty, and the ability to wash off the messiness.

4. Eat at a Food Truck
Go to any food truck park or music festival. Once you find a truck, it’ll all be worth it.

5. Eat Fondue
Fondue is a delicious melted pot of heavenly goodness (commonly in the form of cheese or chocolate). Don’t forget the le coup du milieu?

6. Go Fruit Picking
You’ll never eat better fruit than the sun-warmed fruit you pick yourself. Grab some large shallow containers and head for a pick-your-own farm, a strawberry patch or a friend’s mulberry tree to gather some of the best fruit of summer.

7. Eat Lunch from the Samples at Sam’s Club or Costco
Find a friend with a membership and get to sampling.

8. Try Soul Food
What better way to nourish your soul than with soul food. Order some chicken and waffles, cheese grits, and a glass of sweet tea. And make sure the tea is really, really sweet.

9. Eat at a Movie Theater
It’s a movie theater and restaurant rolled into one.

10. Participate in a Food Eating Contest
Who wouldn’t want to eat 300 hot dogs in a minute?

11. Experience Southern BBQ
Even more than most foods, barbecue is personal. It defines regional identities, divides families, and commands zealous loyalty among patrons. No matter your preference, low and slow is the name of the game.

12. Enjoy a Bottomless Brunch
For many, especially after a late Saturday night, brunch is the most important meal of the day, and a bottomless brunch is the best type of brunch you can get.

13. Eat the Spiciest Thing on Earth
The Carolina Reaper is officially the World’s Hottest Pepper (as ranked by Guinness Records). There is nothing normal about this pepper.

14. Eat Raw Oysters
Trust me, raw oysters are actually quite tasty. But if you’re straddling the fence and don’t want to commit, settle for some fried or charbroiled oysters. Just remember — the world is your oyster.