The One April Fools ‘Joke’ That Isn’t Funny

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One of the most common April Fools’ Day ‘jokes’ of late has been announcing a false pregnancy on Facebook.

While it may be fun to see your Aunt Bertha lose her grip in the comments section, for many people a pregnancy announcement is not a joke.

Among my close friends, I can count two are currently struggling with starting a family. If the number is two out of my close friend group of — let’s pretend I’m cool and estimate 20 people — imagine how many of my Facebook friends that I don’t talk to regularly are also struggling.

Whether they’ve had miscarriages or are infertile for a vast array of reasons, people who are desperate to get pregnant will not find your April Fools’ Day joke funny. It will be quite the opposite. Your innocent joke could cause a lot of pain to someone you care about — well at least care enough to be Facebook friends with.

Don’t be insensitive this April Fools’ Day.

Instead, use your Photoshop skills to announce your engagement to Prince Harry … or pull one of the million of harmless pranks tricksters use every year.