13 Things a Man First Notices About a Woman

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When a woman walks in a room, men are suddenly armed with sleuth-like deduction skills. Time slows down and everything in the room becomes distorted and out of focus. We are left with our minds fully dedicated to calibrating and assessing the new woman at hand.

13 Things a Man First Notices About a Woman:

1. Eyes
Eyes are real magnets that can attract and interest any stranger. Are they icy blues, angelic greens or sienna browns? They are the windows to her soul.

2. Smile
A smiling woman is considered to be much more attractive and approachable as this signals signs of happiness and optimism. Thus, it’s much easier to start a conversation with a smiling woman.

3. Breasts
While you may think that the chest is the first thing guys notice when they meet a woman, you’re wrong. Most men notice a woman’s chest only after her eyes and her smile. For simplicity, I will revert to cave man basics. Are they big, small, firm or floppy? Is she making them her visual calling card or keeping them tucked away?

4. Body / Weight
It may sound shallow, but it makes sense. A well-toned body shows how healthy and careful she is about her overall health and fitness.

5. Legs
Men love slender legs. They love the way they look in skirt and shorts.

6. Hair
Healthy, stylish, shiny and sleek hair is a sign of health and instantly adds more to her beauty.

7. Height
Her height adds to her personality. No, she doesn’t have to be tall, but how she carries herself is noticed.

8. Posture
The way she walks, stands and displays her body language speaks volumes about her confidence and style.

9. Skin
Women with a well, taken-care-of glowing skin are always a turn on. Skin brings out her inner beauty.

10. Dressing Style
It’s her dressing sense that brings out her taste in things. Sure, she may be smart, beautiful and easy to talk to, but the way she looks is completely defined by her style.

11. Her Friends
A person is known by the company she keeps. So, if she has good, smart and outgoing friends, men will be more apt to approach her.

12. Charisma
A charismatic woman knows how to make others feel like they are important. They glide into a room with a powerful confidence and this is what many guys can notice first.

13. Is She Fake
Men definitely take notice how fake women are. If she has hair extensions, fake eyelashes, and nails, he will definitely notice it. Fake means high maintenance and large expense.