8 Things Only Dog People Understand

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My dog is not just a dog, and I hate when people say that because to me, my dog is much more than a dog than a dog. He’s my personal greeter, my snuggle buddy on the couch, my ferocious protector, and my best friend. I don’t expect everyone to understand that. There are just some things that only other dog people understand.

9 Things Only Dog People Understand:

1. The Doorbell Drama
Dog people understand how one simple act of ringing a doorbell can unleash a 10 minute barking spree as your dog (or dogs) freak out in unison and look at you like, “This is CODE RED! Repeat! CODE RED!” And they’re baffled how we humans remain so calm. (Side note: If anyone knows how to explain to dogs the difference between the real doorbell and the one on TV, please let me know).

2. The Guilty Dog Conscience
It’s that moment when your dog is digging through the trash and you yell their name, and they walk into the room and tilt their head like, “Who me? I wasn’t doing anything.”

3. The Bed Hogging
Dog people need king-sized beds, or maybe like two king-sized beds pushed together because dogs are the worst bed hogs, yet we still let them sleep with us. After all, they’re part of the family.

4. The Depression from watching those ASPCA commercials
I have to leave the room when those ASPCA Sarah McLachlan commercials come on. All those sad puppies look at me like, “If you don’t donate NOW. I’m going to die!” Seriously, those commercials should be prefaced with a warning like: Could cause loss of appetite, malaise, crying bouts, and depression).

5. Trusting Your Dog’s Intuition
If you come to my house and my dog doesn’t like you, I’m going to assume you’re secretly an axe murderer.

6. No restraint – Must Pet ALL the Dogs
I want to pet ALL the dogs, and sometimes I can’t help myself, especially when dogs look at me like they want me to pet them. When the owners look weirded out, I’m like, “What? You’re dog asked me to pet her!”

7. Yes, I Talk to My Dog
Yes, I talk to my dog. Yes, I realize he can’t talk back. No, I don’t care. My dog listens without judgment and never gives bad advice. Plus, I’m pretty sure he actually understands me.

8. The Enthusiastic Dog Greeting
No one will EVER be as excited to see you as your dog. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been gone on vacation for five days or simply walked to the mailbox and back. The tail wagging, the jumping, their ears raised in excitement – you are your dog’s favorite person. Period.

So next time someone jokingly reminds you that you’re dog is just a dog, just roll your eyes and pet your pup, and know that you’re not alone. We dog people get each other.