26 Things You Should Never Say to a Short Girl

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Being short in stature can draw some frustrating, even patronizing comments. We all know they are usually said in good humor, but really, there are just some things that are just better left unsaid.

To help you out, we made a list of things that you should keep to yourself when speaking to the “vertically challenged.”

26 Things You Should Never Say to a Short Girl:

1. “Wow. You look 12-years-old!”

2. “What’s the weather like down there?”

3. “So, uh, how tall are you?”

4. “Seriously? That’s so short.”

5. “I wish I was tiny like you. ”

6. “I just want to put you in my pocket.”

7. “My 10-year-old is taller than you.”

8. “Can you shop in the childrens’ section?”

9. “You’re just so cute/adorable/teeny.”

10. “Can you reach that for me?”

11. “Can I use you as an arm rest?”

12. “Do your feet touch the ground when you sit in a chair?”

13. “You make me feel so tall!”

14. “Guess you can never be a model.”

15. “My dog would be like a horse for you.”

16. “I bet your pants would be capri pants on me. ”

17. “Why don’t you wear maxi dresses?”

18.”Why don’t you just wear heels?”

19. “At least you don’t have to worry about dating someone shorter than you.”

20. “Have you ever tried wearing stripes to look taller?”

21. Anything said while bending at the knee to get eye level with them.

22. Anything said while patting them on the head. (Really? Who does that?)

23. “Sit in the middle, you’ll fit.”

24. “You aren’t short, you’re fun-sized!”

25. “Need me to reach that for ya?”

26. “Do you hem your own jeans?”

Image Source: Instagram/@magdalenathelythebu