This Couple Built A Tiny A-Frame Home For $700 And It’s Unbelievable

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We’ve heard of tiny houses and of people downsizing or getting incredible bargains on fixer-upper properties, but this couple deserves their own HGTV show for what they did in the matter of three weeks.

Alla and Garret decided they wanted to tackle their biggest DIY yet by building a tiny cabin in Montana. In her blog, Alla says that they love Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, an artist and designer who used to host a show on HGTV. They came across one of his designs while they were looking at pictures of tiny homes, and they knew they had to give it a try.

Three weeks and $700 later, the couple had a beautiful, unique home that you have to see to believe.

There’s a solar panel on the roof to power the home.

One side of the roof actually lifts to give it a bit of a transformative touch (and to add a little more space).

When it’s open, it makes for a perfect covered patio where they can stargaze.

Alla says the home comfortably sleeps two, possibly three if the third person slept in a sleeping bag.

She says, “As the sun dips below the mountains, the solar lights illuminate the hammocks and the stars slowly start to peak through the tree tops.”

We’re standing by to see if she ends up making this available to rent on Airbnb, because it would be a road trip worth making!