People Try Living In A Tiny House And The Reality Is Nothing Like The TV Shows Depict

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With shows like ‘Tiny House, Big Living’ and ‘Tiny House Hunters’ wildly popular around the nation, it’s hard to imagine that the shows might not depict the full reality of living in such a small space. After all, we do it in apartments all the time, and our Pinterest feeds are filled with gorgeous tiny homes, straight out of an HGTV show. They can’t be that small, can they?

Two couples and a single person were asked to put that to the test after they were loaned access to one woman’s 112 square foot tiny home. To put that in perspective, the size of the average American home built last year was 2,600 square feet, at an all time high. Even apartments run around 900 square feet these days, which begs the question– do we need all this space?

Turns out, we might need more than we think. After just a few minutes in the tiny space, it’s clear that both the couples and the single person are uncomfortable. The single guy breaks out a bottle of vodka, but laments that he doesn’t want to drink it because then he would have to use the self-composting toilet again.

The couples mostly do well, but one woman becomes claustrophobic, and it’s clear that the couples are used to having a lot more space to work with. Watch their struggles below and see if you could live peacefully in a tiny home. They aren’t for the faint of heart.