20 Ways #MeanMoms Ruin Their Kids’ Lives

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If you’ve ever been called “the meanest mom ever,” welcome to the club! Our kids are on to us– they’ve finally figured out our plan to destroy their childhood one mean mommy moment at a time. If you’ve started running out of ideas on how to ruin your kid’s life, here are some more ideas from other #meanmoms.

20 Ways #MeanMoms Ruin Their Kids’ Lives:

1. Make your kid wear his seatbelt.

2. Wipe your kid’s snotty nose.

3. Refuse to share your wine with them.


4. Make them clean their rooms.

5. Make them go to church before opening their Easter baskets.

6. Remind them it’s not their birthday (when it’s not their birthday).

7. Make your kid change out of his/her pajamas.

8. Refuse to let your kid eat cookies for breakfast.


9. Always make them eat their vegetables.

10. Give them a flip phone.

11. Force your kid to wear cute outfits. (The more accessories, the better).

12. Make them eat dinner before dessert.


13. Never miss a chance to take their picture with the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus.

14. Never give in to their request for McDonald’s.

15. Don’t miss a chance to dress them alike.

16. Give them chores.

17. Make them do their homework.

18. Make them leave places when it’s time to go home.

19. Make them get along.

20. Make your kid be in the family picture.

If you’re not doing these horrible, awful things to your kids, you probably need to step your #meanmom game up a little bit and start ruining your kid’s life. It’s never too late – start today!