12 Ways Men Can Improve Their Style — For Free

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The effort you put into your personal style impacts the impression you make to the world. And, believe-it-or-not, the smallest of changes can lead to big results. Here are twelve ways you improve your personal style — all for free.

12 Ways Men Can Improve Their Style — For Free:

1. Practice Good Posture
Improving your posture is a vital step to improving your personal style. Standing and sitting with your shoulders back, head up, and spine straight gives you a proven appearance and immediate upgrade.

2. Get Rid Of Bad Clothing That No Longer Fits
Clothes that have no chance of being altered are pretty much worthless. Clear the clutter in your closet by minimizing your number of options and put the unwanted clothes in a donation box or hand them over to someone who may have a use for them.

3. Learn How To Sew
Every man should know how to make good use of a needle and thread, like replacing lost buttons or patching holes. A little effort in learning how to sew can pay off big time should you ever choose to add some unique character to your attire.

4. Eliminate Wrinkles
Commit to a cleaner, more professional look. Nothing says you don’t care about how you look quite like a frumpy button-down.

5. Change The Knot Of Your Tie
While it’s tempting to put on your tie the same way you’ve done all your life — you never know what a new knot can do for you. A new knot for your tie might feel like you’ve transformed your style into a totally new kind.

6. Put Some Shine On Those Shoes
Polishing your shoes takes just a few minutes but offers a huge upgrade. Not only does it make your shoes look snappier, but they will live longer, too.

7. Rotate Your Belts
Laziness is the main culprit in a man’s tendency to use the same one or two belts, over and over again. If you have several belts in your closet, try rotating them though your wardrobe collection for a different look.

8. Add Some Color
This tip might sound a little too general or too obvious, but it really isn’t. Adding even the slightest bit of color to your style will elevate a more visual interest to your look and will make you appear more unique, different and fun.

9. Develop a Grooming Routine
Style isn’t always about the clothes you wear, it’s also about taking care of your body. Washing your face, keeping your skin moisturized, and keeping your nails trimmed goes a long way into making you look as healthy, youthful, and handsome as possible.

10. Change Your Haircut
It might sound strange, but changing your haircut can make your facial features more balanced.

11. Eat and Drink Right
Your body is like a machine, and refueling that machine with the right ingredients will profoundly affect how efficiently it runs. Make a concerted effort to eat right and you’ll have won half the battle in looking your best.

12. Know Your Flaws
Taking an honest assessment of your body and face can go a long way toward helping you make the most of your appearance. When you know your weak points, you’ll be able to minimize them or conceal them to your advantage.