Wedding Inspiration: Best Father-Daughter Dance Songs

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You’re getting married. You have the dress, the groom and the menu picked out, but what about your music? What is your father-daughter dance song?

Here are our picks for best father-daughter dance songs:

“My Girl” // The Temptations

You can only choose this one if you (and your dad) have a little bit of rhythm. Not a lot, but at least a little.

“Daughter” // Loudon Wainwright

This is a lesser-known song to most people, but if you listen to the lyrics, it’s sure to resonate with you and your old man!

“Brown Eyed Girl” // Van Morrison


“Sweet Pea” // Amos Lee

A really sweet, peppy ditty that you’re daddy will love.

“Daddy’s Little Girl” // Michael Bolton

You have to be a certain person to dance to Michael Bolton anywhere, much less your wedding, but this song could work.

“My Little Girl” // Tim McGraw

This one will make everyone in attendance cry.

“You Are My Sunshine” // Johnny Cash

What’s better than Johnny Cash serenading you with a lullaby? Well, other than getting married.

“Landslide” // Fleetwood Mac

Use the live version where Stevie Nicks says, “this is for your daddy” at the very beginning.

“Little Miss Magic” // Jimmy Buffett

Not your typical Buffett song. It’s super sweet and perfect for a father-daughter dance.

“When You Need Me” // Bruce Springsteen

Because he’s the boss. Like your dad.

Be sure to pick a song that means something to you and your dad and one you can actually dance to.