9 Pretty Weird Halloween Costumes You have to See to Believe


Halloween costumes are getting weirder and weirder these days. Not to mention– sexier. You can make the simplest of household items a sexy Halloween costume with the subtraction or addition of other simple items. Want to be a sexy remote control? Put the ‘guide’ button in an inappropriate spot and go.

What happened to people just dressing up as cowboys and baseball players?

9 Pretty Weird Halloween Costumes You have to See to Believe:

1. Big Foot

I mean, I get it and it’s clever as all get out, but how many drunk people at a Halloween party are going to think you’re clever? You’ve got to have quite the foot fetish to be into this one.

2. Night Stand

For all you ladies out there that love HGTV– this is the costume for you. Oh, it’s a one night stand. No one will understand and what if someone else is wearing it and then you’re just part of your grandmother’s bedroom set that she left you?

3. Toilet

Actual product description: “Do you have a potty mouth? This toilet mask for adults takes that concept to a whole new level. It gives the illusion that your head is actually in the toilet, so by extension it should be no surprise if your language is a bit crude. After all people don’t really realize how much crap you have to put up with on a daily basis. We’re sure you’re keeping a lid on it as well as can be expected.”
Well, sure.

4. Crying Smiley Emoji

Pretty creepy when not on your phone.

5. Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Who knew an electrical outlet costume could be so inappropriate.

6. Kool-Aid Man

Definitely make sure you’re at a party with people over 30. Does anyone in high school even know who this guy is? If you can find a friend to go as a brick wall– win!

7. Sexy Fawn

We’re officially out of sexy animal costumes if we’re going with sexy fawns now.

8. Soap and Loofah

I usually gag at the sight of my own loofah, so imagine what this would do in person.

9. Intimate Inmate Women’s Halloween Costume Orange Black Jailbird Prison Jumpsuit

Yes, that’s the actual name listed on Amazon.com.

Lauren Cowling
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