12 Most Ridiculous Things You Can Ship To Your Friends With Amazon Prime, Just In Time For Prime Day


The future is not as bright as once was predicted. We don’t have 12- hour work weeks, we don’t all have jetpacks, and guys are
wearing rompers now. If there’s one great thing that the future has brought us, it’s Amazon’s Prime service. For a yearly fee, you can ship for free just about any item. Which means when your friends move away, you can send them the worst things you can think of for very little money, just to confuse or infuriate them. Here’s some good ideas to get you started.

12 Most Ridiculous Things You Can Ship To Your Friends With Amazon Prime, Just In Time For Prime Day:

1. Home Foot File

Like all great weird Prime Bombs, the primary response of the recipient should always be, “Why?” There is never a good answer. This foot file promises to help you rid your feet of unwanted callouses. It’s a gross, very niche product, which is perfect to ship to someone you see once or twice a year.

2. Toilet Cartridge

What is this thing? I have no idea. I’ve seen the “American Standard” brand on toilets and sinks before, so I assume it has something to do with the magic of plumbing. My dad would probably know exactly what this does. To me, it might as well be sorcery.

3. Global Warming Book

Here’s a book on something no one really wants to think about. Then you add an extra layer of irony in having this sent directly to their front door, for no apparent reason.

4. Bucket Hat

Everyone needs an ugly bucket hat. This one almost is almost too useful in the hot summer months, so maybe save it for Christmas.

5. A Ream of Printer Paper

It’s useful, but also so perfectly banal and specific. It’s like a stocking stuffer from David Lynch.

6. Mr. And Mrs. Always Right Wine Glasses

This is ideal for a single friend that lives alone. Give them really great stemless wine glasses, that have a reminder of their loneliness etched into the side.

7. Sponges

Amazon also allows you to gift wrap items for a really small charge. So for a couple extra bucks, you can have gift wrapped sponges and a special little note.

8. Weird Mug

How about a sassy coffee mug with the letter B on it?

9. Swimming Gear

Here’s a product that almost no one uses casually.

10. 50 foot Ethernet Cable This cable is 50-feet long! It has exactly one use! This is the ideal gift to send someone who doesn’t have WiFi.

11. Fridge Thermometer

Have you ever wanted to know how cold the mustard in your fridge is? Of course you haven’t, because that’s insane and this product should not exist. Ten dollars.

12. Soprano Recorder

The greatest instrument in the history of public schools and mandatory music education! Absolutely terrible on the ears at any volume.

Well, that should get you started. Amazon has literally endless possibilities. Amazon Prime Day is essentially a holiday for us online shoppers, so now is your ideal time to strike.

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