5 Best Country Music Songs about Fishing

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Every good ole country boy (or girl) knows how to fish, so much so, that Hank Williams Jr. included how to “run a trout line” as one of the reasons a country boy can survive. Fishing is more than just survival though. It’s a country boy’s way to relax. Some people do yoga. Some people go to the spa, and country boys – they go fishing. It’s no surprise then that there are more than a couple country music songs about fishing.

If you love to fish then check out this list of the 5 best country music songs about fishing:

1. “I’m Gonna Miss Her” // Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley has the incredible ability to write humor into his songs in a way that will leave you laughing out loud. “I’m Gonna Miss Her” is a great example of this. In this song, a man’s wife hits him with an ultimatum – if he goes fishing then she’ll be leaving by noon. You really need to watch the music video for this one, which includes a scene with Jerry Springer talking to wives on “The Springer Show” with the headline, “My Husband Left Me For A Fish.” As a side note, this music video has a special importance for the Paisley family because Brad sought out his future wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, to play the role of the wife in the music video of “I’m Gonna Miss Her” in 2002. The two hit it off and were married in 2003.

Well, I’m gonna miss her!

When I get home

But right now I’m on this lakeshore

And I’m sittin’ in the sun

I’m sure it’ll hit me

When I walk through that door tonight

Yeah, I’m gonna miss her

Oh, lookie there, I’ve got a bite

2. “Just Fishin'” // Trace Adkins

This daddy/daughter song is about a father who is fishing with his little girl. The father realizes how quickly she’s growing up and what a special moment they are sharing, but his daughter is “talkin’ ‘bout her ballet shoes and training wheels and kittens. And she thinks we’re just fishin’.” The music video features Trace Adkins and his youngest daughter, Trinity, and it’s sure to make any father who has a daughter tear up a little.

3. “Bait a Hook” // Justin Moore

Justin Moore co-wrote this song with Rhett Atkins and Moore’s producer, Jeremy Stover. Moore told Charlotte radio station WSOC: “’Bait a Hook’ is a fun, quirky song like a couple of those on our first album that had a bit of humor in them. It’s about your girlfriend or wife leaving you for a pretty boy. Obviously, I’m not a pretty boy, so it was fun to write.” The song criticizes this new city boy who drives a Prius and eats sushi, but the country boy who got the axe isn’t worried because he knows she’ll be back because the new guy, “can’t even bait a hook.”

He can’t even bait a hook,

He can’t even skin a buck,

He don’t know who Jack Daniels is.

He ain’t ever drove a truck,

Knows how to throw out a line,

But not the kind in a field and stream book,

No darlin’ I ain’t even worried, you’ll come runnin’ back,

He can’t even bait a hook.

4. “Catch all the Fish” // Brad Paisley

It’s obvious that Brad Paisley loves to fish considering that he’s written two songs just about fishing. This fast-paced, feel good song is about spending the whole day out on the lake fishing and drinking beer with your buddies. Yep, that’s pretty much all it’s about.

Gonna catch all the fish,

Gonna drink all the beer.

Gonna head outta town,

We’re not staying here.

Might take all day,

Might take all year,

Till we catch all the fish,

Till we drink all the beer.

5. “Bad Day of Fishin’” // Billy Currington

Billy Currington loves to fish, so it was a no brainer for him to add this single to his album, “Enjoy Yourself.” It’s a song about a guy who goes fishing and everything that could go wrong does go wrong. It’s pouring down rain, and a big fish drags his pole to the bottom of the lake. He doesn’t catch anything, but, as the song says, “A bad day fishin’ beats a good day of anything else.”

Didn’t catch a damn thing, guess you could say we took a lickin’,

Tonight’s fish fry is gonna taste like chicken,

But we did just fine if I do say so myself,

You know a bad day of fishin’ beats a good day of anything else.

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