Dwight Yoakam’s New Music Will Take You Way Back

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Dwight Yoakam‘s new album, Second Hand Heart, is about to bring an old, new sound to Nashville and country music radio.

Reminiscent of his 1986 debut, Yoakam told Yahoo!, “I think there’s a sense of immediacy about this record. Thats is why folks are responding to it being a return or coming full circle to how I began…energetically it has to do with the spontaneity of the scene that I broke out, which they used to call cowpunk here in LA in the early ’80s.”

Yoakam went on to say he’s happy to just still be making music and from the sounds of it– fans are, too.

You can catch Yoakam out on the road through the end of the summer.

Image Source: Warner, PR Photos