Fred Bentley Just Doesn’t Sound Sound Like a Country Music Star

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Some names just fit people. They just look like a Brad or a Carrie. Other names, just feel off.

Dierks Bentley‘s real name is Frederick Dierks Bentley. Fred Bentley. And let’s be honest, Fred Bentley just doesn’t sound like a guy who happens to be one of country music’s hottest, most lovable men. Right? But, Dierks? Dierks just sounds like a sexy, off-road country music singer.

Fred/Dierks recently sat down with Glamour magazine to talk about what’s in a name, particularly, his name and his mother’s attachment to middle names.

“Frederick. It’s Frederick Dierks Bentley, but my whole family goes by their middle name—my sister, my brother. So from day one, I’ve always been called Dierks. My mom was really upset when I named my son properly. I told her that his first name was actually going to be his first name! That’s how normal people do it, so I don’t know why she did it that way! People wonder if Dierks is a stage name.”

He also discussed just how perfectly fitting his name is for the country music genre.

“People tell me it’s a horrible name! Like maybe I should have gone by Buck Bentley? But if you say so. I’ve seen it spelled and pronounced wrong so many times.”

Imagine a guy named Fred singing this song to you– weird, right?

Fred’s Sounds of Summer Tour is all set to hit the road with guests Kip Moore and Maddie & Tae.

Image Source: Jeremy Scott for CO, UMG