Mandalay Bay Will Rename Four Floors To Honor Route 91 Shooting Victims


Mandalay Bay has struggled with what they should do with their 32 floor, the location of the shooter who killed 58 people during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the hotel has decided to do away with the floor altogether as well as three others surrounding it.

A representative from MGM Resorts International said the hotel plans to renumber floors 31 through 34 as floors 56 through 59. This change is meant to help visitors relate to the tragedy in a new and healthy way and combat the hotel’s image as a morbid tourist attraction. At this time the 32 floor is still closed, they added.

If that change seems confusing, just wait until you hear about the rest of the hotel. Mandalay Bay rents floors 35 through 39 to The Four Seasons Hotel and only offers elevator access to floors 1 through 30 and 56 through 63. Numerically, they don’t have floors 31 through 34 or 40 through 59. The higher number floors give the illusion of exclusivity at a lower height.

Mandalay Bay is filling in the numerical gap of 56 through 59, just twenty stories below. Needless to say, this will confuse a lot of visitors.

Dusty Sullivan
A southern fella whose roots are in The Natural State and heart is in the outdoors