Tim McGraw is Soon to Be Back on The Silver Screen for “The Shack”

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Fans can look forward to seeing Tim McGraw on the silver screen again soon. Although we all know him best for his music career, he’s taken several opportunities to put his acting skills to good use. “The Shack” is a faith-based drama adapted from a best-selling novel. This is not Tim McGraw’s first rodeo when it comes to acting, he’s been in several movies including “The Blindside” and a  lead role in Disney’s “Tomorrowland” which was just released this year. Although he hasn’t shared which role he has taken on for this movie, we know McGraw has been very busy juggling the filming for it along with his music career.

“The Shack” follows the story of a man whose daughter is abducted and thought to have been murdered based on evidence found in an abandoned shack. The man receives a letter claiming to be from God inviting him to revisit the shack, and what he finds there changes his life.

Tomorrowland- Official Trailer

McGraw is on the road all summer long for his Shotgun Rider Tour  until late October.

Image Source: PR Photos