15 Hilarious Tweets About “Bachelor in Paradise” Premiere Episode

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It’s that time of year again. When The Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants that did not find love on their respective shows, gather in paradise to find love amongst each other on Bachelor in Paradise.

The guilty pleasure series kicked off Monday night (Aug. 5) with the return of some of your favorite cast members, including John Paul Jones and Dylan Barbour from Hannah Brown’s season and Tayshia Adams and Hannah G from Colton’s season.

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Things got off to an exciting start when it was revealed that Blake screwed over Caelynn when he hooked up with her and Kristina, who arrived in Paradise later in the show, at Stagecoach this year. Don’t worry, from the looks of things, Blake will get what’s coming to him. But for now, the Twitterverse is having a field day with the premiere episode and we weren’t disappointed.

Here are 15 hilarious tweets about Bachelor in Paradise’s premiere episode.

1. Chris Harrison at Stagecoach planning this upcoming season #BachelorInParadise

2. Cam: I just think Kristina would make an amazing mom


3. Caelynn and Kristina about to make Blake regret he ever breathed the same air as them #BachelorInParadise

4. cam walking onto beach like #BachelorInParadise

5. Me trying to figure out the girl Demi is with in the previews #BachelorInParadise

6. The producers when they found out Blake had been hooking up with Caelyn and Kristina… #BachelorInParadise

7. the women on #BachelorInParadise have their own motto Anyone But Cam

8. Raise your hand if you hooked up with Blake at Stagecoach #BachelorInParadise

9. Kristina is the most lovable Russian since this guy #BachelorInParadise

10. blake when he saw caelynn #BachelorInParadise

11. I knew that speedo looked familiar

12. “Hi this is Demi from Demi’s season!” #bip #BachelorInParadise

13. Jane is trying really hard to convince us she has a personality #BachelorInParadise

14. Aaaaand there’s discount John Krasinski. #BachelorInParadise

15. First walking into #BachelorInParadise –> 4 hours after you got to Paradise