Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten Talk About Love After “Dancing With The Stars”


Social media maven and model Alexis Ren and pro dancer Alan Bersten fell for each other on the dance floor of Dancing with the Stars. But now that season 27 has come to a close, will they still be able to keep their love alive? Their simple answer is hopefully, yes.

“Now we can be normal for a little while,” Bersten tells Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t have to teach her five hours a day every day, so we can just go hang out.”

And while both are reluctant to say that this is love, the couple is definitely taking steps toward that relationship status. “She actually met my parents right before we danced just because my parents don’t live here,” Bersten says.

“They’re so cute!” Ren adds.

And while the couple ended up in fourth place when all was said and done, they say that they won something so much more important than the Mirror Ball.

“Honestly, this whole experience, I’ve told her so many times I don’t care if we win the mirror ball because we’re out here doing something that we love and it’s so much fun and to do it with Alexis has been incredible,” Bersten says. “So I’m just so thankful for this whole journey.”


Tricia Despres
Tricia Despres is a Chicago-based freelance writer covering music and entertainment for nearly twenty years. Her work has appeared in publications such as the Chicago Sun-Times, Advertising Age and various regional publications. A country music fan at her core, Despres has interviewed country greats such as Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood through the years and thrives on telling the story behind the story. When she is not alongside her laptop, she is alongside her family - husband Paul and daughters Taylor and Amanda.

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