Ariana Grande Loses It During Escape Room Adventure With James Corden

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Ariana Grande is known as one of the most fierce women out there. But to listen to her scream during a recent visit to an escape room with talk show host James Corden makes us wonder if she is as tough as she looks.

During an episode of the Late Late Show on Tuesday (Oct. 30,) Grande joined Corden on a trip to a haunted escape room.

“I love being scared,” Grande says before reaching their destination. “I think it’s so much fun.”

But once in the haunted escape room, Grande sounded as if she might have changed her mind as she went from room to room, solving puzzles in the hopes of getting out as quick as possible. She even fell as she ran out of the haunted house, subsequently hurting her hand in the process.

“That was traumatic,” Grande said as she got back in the car with Corden. “Honest to God, I’m not gonna lie. Don’t I look kinda hard?”

Well, usually you do, yes!

Of course, Grande will certainly have the chance to show off her fierceness next year when she heads out on a world tour to promote her new album Sweetener. The first show will take place March 18 in New York.