12 Best Instagram Photos From the 90th Annual Oscars

12 Best Instagram Photos From the 90th Annual Oscars

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The 90th Annual Academy Awards were full of surprises and long-winded speeches, but as usual– the best moments didn’t happen in front of the TV audience, they happened behind-the-scenes on Instagram.

12 Best Instagram Photos From the 90th Annual Oscars:

1. Ashley Judd wasn’t scared to pose with her dog before hitting the red carpet.

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It is a wrap on #oscars2018.

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2. Now, the five leading actresses that starred in “The Help,” save Jessica Chastain, have all won an Oscar. Here were we have the most recent Best Actress in a Supporting Role winners– Viola Davis, Allison Janney and Octavia Spencer. Emma Stone won Best Actress in 2017.

3. Well, there you go.

4. If you can’t take your grandmother to the Oscars, you better call her from backstage.

5. Andra Day knows what’s up.

6. Kelly Ripa’s dress kind of looked like a wind suit from the ’90s.

7. Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak are not a couple.

8. So much boomerang, so little time.

9. Judd Apatow got selfies with like, a lot of people.

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Working my Marjory Stoneman Douglas ribbon!

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10. Jennifer Lawrence is not like the rest of us.

11. Armie Hammer opted for a different angle with this selfie.

12. Just some happy bros.

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