5 Best Worst American Idol Auditions

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With the season premiere of “American Idol” tonight, it’s hard to not think about some of my favorite past contestants– Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and obviously, Danny Gokey (kidding!).

It’s also hard to not think about my favorite past auditions. Years later, I’m still asking myself, “Are these people real humans?” See for yourself.

1. Mary Roach

For years internet rumors have been flying that this audition was all an act. I just can’t believe it, because deep down I want to believe that there’s a girl out with this much confidence in herself. And also, those pants.

2. This Guy

Show me something better than the 22-second mark when he echoes, “Mother and child.”

3. Tammy Tuzinski**

Tammy really believes in herself, which is sweet, but she doesn’t even sing the right song. I love Celine and this song, but this version is just too much.

** This video was edited. Tammy did NOT make it to Hollywood.

4. Steph

This girl is so enamored with Victoria Beckham that she gets flustered. Or something.

5. Isadora

It’s hard to pick my favorite part of this audition. No one seems to know her actual first name and then, there’s her dancing. I’m not mad about it and I’ve actually borrowed a few of her moves before. Ultimately, the best part is when Paula says, “Chris Daughtry,” and Isadora thinks she says, “Versace,” because those are totally the same people.