“7th Heaven” Star Beverley Mitchell Says She Leaned On Co-Star Jessica Biel Following Miscarriage

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As they co-starred together on the hit show 7th Heaven, Beverley Mitchell and Jessica Biel became friends. And in the years following the cancellation of the much-loved show, that friendship grew. So when Mitchell found herself mourning the loss of twins following a miscarriage, she was quick to lean on Biel through her darkest days.

“She was very supportive through everything and was always checking in on me,” Mitchell told People magazine during a recent interview. “She was one of the first people I called and I’m just very grateful for her friendship and just her being just a frickin’ badass, awesome person.”

It was on Thanksgiving of this year that Mitchell wrote a blog post, sharing the sad news with her fans. But while the miscarriage took place earlier in the year, she just couldn’t find a way to open up about the painful news.

“I’ve been wanting to do it for a few months now,” says Mitchell, who has two children with husband Michael Cameron. “I just couldn’t find the right words and every time I wrote something I felt like it was not coming off the right way. And then finally I felt like I was able to speak out with a clear heart and get my point across, but not be overly one way or the other and maybe in a way that I thought the message would be heard a little better. My key was just wanting to do it in a way in which people could hear it, understand it and appreciate it and not make anyone feel something that I didn’t want them to.”