Beyonce Fell On Stage During Coachella Set and It Was Like She Was A Normal Person

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There is a reason that Beyonce Knowles Carter, AKA Beyonce AKA Sasha Fierce is also referred to as Queen Bey– she’s the queen and we’re all just sorry people.

Mostly, Beyonce runs a tight ship– photos of her are not leaked to the press, the paparazzi doesn’t seem to find her very often and well, she can do things on stage that very few performers can do or have done.

However, every few years or so, darkness slips into the light of Queen Bey’s kingdom and something normal happens– maybe there’s dust on an end table in the living room or maybe condensation has gathered on a glass outside or maybe, Beyonce falls on stage and makes it look like it was supposed to happen that way all along.

This weekend while performing at Coachella with her sister Solange, Beyonce fell and then she got back up like nothing ever happened.

And that was that.