Britney Spears’ Son Stole Her Phone and Filmed Himself Scaring Her and It’s Truly Adorable

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Summer usually means kids have a little more time on their hands during their yearly break from school, so it’s no surprise that Britney Spears’ son Jayden James decided to make good use of his time…by scaring his famous mommy.

The moment was caught on Monday (June 25,) with Jayden serving as narrator of the prank. “Okay, I just stole Mom’s phone and she got back from shopping and she forgot it while she went shopping,” he told the camera. “So I stole it and I’m gonna scare her with it. Watch this.” From there, Jayden snuck into Spears’ walk-in closet and scared her, with her exclaiming “Jayden! Not funny!”

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Now, let us stop here to say this – we think it looks a tad staged. Heck, in real life, the closet would be a mess and Spears would have no makeup on and the reaction would not be so pretty.

But we digress.

What the video does show that Spears and her children have quite the fun-loving relationship, and its this fun loving attitude is showcased not only in the home, but in the studio.

“The first time we worked with her she was just cutting a song — and just hearing her vocal tone in real life, it’s so … that magical sound just comes out of her face, like, that’s what happens,” singer/songwriter Justin Tranter said about his recent collaboration with Spears in a recent interview with Apple Music. “And then she giggles and tells a joke on the mic, and then your whole body gets chills, and I literally fell to the ground. There’s something about her that’s not of this world.”