James Corden Invites Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett to Astronaut Training [Watch]

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Houston, we have a problem. The Late Late Show with James Corden aired a comical segment in which the stars of The LEGO Movie 2 join James Corden to test if they are ready to travel to space.

In the clip, we see James Corden, Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt, and Will Arnett compete with one another in a series of challenges evaluating who (if any) is prepared to change careers and become an astronaut.  

Spoiler Alert: They need to keep their day jobs.

Captain Robert “Hoot” Gibson, former NASA astronaut, patiently leads the star-studded cast through various exams such as: the Multi-Axis Trainer, the Centrifuge, the E.V.A. Simulator, and lastly the Space Shuttle Simulator.

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Because each guest is famously hilarious, watching them perform the tests, supporting one another, or fighting for the top spot you’ll find yourself laughing harder than ever. At one point, I found myself forgetting the true question at hand, Who is the funniest? I mean, who could survive in space?

The most successful evaluation would be the Multi-Axis Trainer. However, there was one celebrity who showed weakness– Will Arnett, who will now be known as Barffalo Bill.  

But after a triumphant E.V.A. simulation, Will decided to celebrate his and Chris’ accomplishment in an innovative way.

“Guess what I’m going to do that is super cool, and really in style– that my kids won’t be embarrassed about it..” Arnett exclaimed, “Space dab!”

With the execution of the space dab, mission control obviously had an opinion. After a brief consultation with Captain “Hoot”, they concluded that “there is a zero tolerance on dabbing.”

James Corden livened up the final simulation with a sing-along performance of “Rocket Man” by Elton John. Everyone except Captain “Hoot” sang along to the classic song while Chris and James piloted the aircraft.

In the end, there could only be one victorious candidate. The decision was hard for “Hoot” as he said, “All four of you exhibited the kind of intelligence, bravery, and creativity that we look for in astronauts, but we can only have one winner. Elizabeth, you’re the one with the right stuff.”

Unable to fathom his loss, Chris Pratt claimed the test must have been rigged. Will we see Elizabeth Banks venture into space? That would be just about “pitch perfect”!