Chrissy Metz Wrote a Heartfelt Letter to “This Is Us” Execs After Her Audition for Kate Pearson: “I Am This Girl”

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Now that we know Chrissy Metz as adult Kate Pearson, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the role.

Chrissy went on “The Tonight Show” where she talked with Jimmy Fallon about the upcoming season of “This Is Us” and what we can expect to see from Kate throughout. Jimmy then asked Kate about a particular letter she wrote to the execs at the show following her audition for the role of Kate that is so genuine and touching, it will make you love her in the role even more.

“It just came from my heart and when you live from that place, you can’t do wrong,” she said of the letter.

The letter read:

Dear All, 

I first want to thank you for this amazing opportunity. Last night felt like Christmas Eve! While I’ve never dreamed of sugarplums, believe it or not, I have always wished for a role like this. I was so moved by this character, that I’ve asked my agent to pass this later on to you all. 

Aside from the obvious physical aspects of Kate, this is my life. I am KATE. I have been the second fiddle, assistant and the sidekick to many successful people. All the while, questioning why I am so close yet so far away. I have been so broken that I have almost given it all up. 

While my weight has been a steady struggle both in business and my personal life, it has also been a beautiful uphill battle of self-discovery. I have been gifted to teach tolerance and share my journey with women and men who know all too well of discrimination for their size but desperately want to change. I want to be a visible inspiration to all who pursue their dreams and especially for those who think they lack a fighting chance. 

I have lost over 100lbs on my own. I am committed to Kate’s evolution and I would be honored to embody your vision of her. 

While I know there are other wonderful ladies in the running, I had to express my unwavering love for this incredible life-changing role. From the moment my agent sent be the breakdown to the first time I read the script, I have never felt like a role was written more for me. This story is so heartwarming and charming. It just rings so true to me that I can’t imagine someone else bringing it to life. I embody and walk “Kate’s” life every single day, and I am hoping that you will ee that too. It is the air I breathe and I want to be able to bring that to life for you. 

Regardless of what happens, I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my mushy heart for this awesome experience. It has been a life-changing moment for me. 

Season 3 of “This Is Us” is set to air this fall.

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