NASCAR’s Clint Bowyer Pays Tribute to George Strait With Helmet Design

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Photo: Fantasy Racing Online

NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer finds himself in the driver’s seat when it comes to his pursuit for the championship this year. But now, he also seems to have a country legend in the driver’s seat with him.

“New lid finally arrived,” Bowyer wrote on Tuesday (Sept. 18) alongside a pic of his helmet now emblazoned with a tribute to country superstar George Strait. “If you’re going to put legends on the back of your helmets, no collection would be complete without a George Strait one.”

Indeed, the helmet is sure to hopefully bring some good luck as Bowyer heads into the NASCAR playoffs alongside fellow contenders such as Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson and Brad Keselowski. And according to a first-person essay he recently wrote for, it sounds like he is ready to win.

“It’s my goal to get that championship,” he wrote in an essay published last Saturday (Sept. 15.) “It’s really the only goal I have left in my career. And this is the best opportunity I’ve had since 2012 — and by the way, that’s a long time. Really, this is probably the best opportunity I’ve ever had to battle for that title. If we actually won it, who knows how I would feel? That’s an emotion that only a few have ever felt.”

So who is rooting for Bowyer to achieve his dream?