Gwen Stefani Welcomes Hilarious Special Guest Dancer to Vegas Show [Watch]

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If you’ve been lucky enough to take in Gwen Stefani’s Just a Girl show at the Zappo’s Theater in Las Vegas, then you’ve seen the glorious full-scale Vegas-style production that it is. In addition to the sparkle, lights, and Gwen’s immense and infinite talent, the stage is filled throughout the show with insanely talented musicians and quick-stepping dancers.

But there’s always room for one more, right?

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When talk show host Jimmy Kimmel learned that Gwen “needed” dancers for her show, he sent his trusty sidekick, Guillermo, to the auditions. Lovable and cuddly, the wannabe might have done his best to secure a coveted spot among the chorus line, but sadly, fell short.

No pun intended.

However, after a heart-tugging plea to Gwen, he ultimately did earn a one-night-only exclusive appearance in the Just a Girl show and…it was bananas.


As the beautiful dancers and a marching band executed the intricate steps to Gwen’s mega- smash “Hollaback Girl,” Guillermo took the stage dressed as a large, shiny banana.

While we aren’t sure if Guillermo’s banana suit had any appeal (pun intended) for the audience, the iconic pop star was quick to thank him for participating with a post on her socials. “Thx to my newest dancer @iamguillermo for coming out tonight! ,” she wrote.

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For dates and details for Gwen’s Just a Girl residency in Las Vegas, check out the tour list on her website.