Jennifer Lopez Enlists the Help of Joanna Gaines to Fix Up New Home

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Two worlds collide! Our girl, Joanna Gaines, is remodeling Jennifer Lopez’ new home in Malibu, and we can only hope we’re gonna see the footage! Both of the women were recently seen together on the beach with a camera crew in pursuit.

A month ago, Jennifer Lopez revealed her love for Joanna Gaines and “Fixer Upper” to Ellen DeGeneres. She also shared that Alex Rodriguez, her boyfriend, reached out to Joanna to help remodel their new home.

“We actually got a little fixer-upper next to the water and we were like, ‘Oh we gotta fix this up.’ It’s really a house that needs work. I was like, ‘Wouldn’t It be amazing to have her do It for us?’ But she doesn’t do anything outside of Waco. Like nothing.” Lopez said.

Obviously, Joanna is making an exception for J-Lo. She’s stepping out of Waco for the A-list celebrity. Jennifer went on to tell Ellen, “She’s like, ‘I don’t do things… but I will help you with this or that or whatever.’ And I was like, ‘Yes, just help me! Just a little bit! You don’t even have to come out here. I know you have the baby. How’s the baby?’”

Alex Just got major points in Jennifer’s book. She admitted, “I didn’t even know that, honestly, that Alex listens to me half the time. And then, come our anniversary.. he goes, ‘ I want you to go to this meeting with us for the architect for the house.’ And I was like, ‘Ok, great.’ He opens up FaceTime and it’s Joanna Gaines. I was like, ‘Ah! Oh! Are you kidding? Hi!’” He’s so romantic!

This amazing duo coming together is happening in perfect time for International Women’s Month.