Before Split, John Cena Made Nikki Bella Sign a Contract To Move In With Him and Said She’d Sign a Prenup Because She’s ‘An Independent Woman’

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Before they broke up, it was no secret that John Cena and Nikki Bella had a rollercoaster of a relationship– from getting engaged to breaking off the engagement to planning their secret wedding, they’ve pretty much got all of their fans on their toes waiting for the next big news.

While guest co-hosting on “Today” with Kathie Lee and Hoda, the three were discussing prenups and moving in together when Hoda asked Cena how he and Nikki decided when they should move in together.

“I asked Nicole to move in with me simply because we were both living busy lives and I wanted to show her I was serious,” he said. “I was very abrasive and stern, and she had to sign this huge crazy agreement to just come in the door.”

Of course, Kathie Lee and Hoda weren’t about to let him skate by that statement without an explanation. So, what did the contract say, exactly?

“Just some sort of thing where like, I would be protected in case of a disaster,” he said. “She signed it, and totally without question and it made me feel super bad, as it should have.”

I mean, yeah.

He went on to share that it was very early in their relationship, and he now realizes how abrasive the contract was. “This was very early on in our relationship and it made me realize this was a woman I shouldn’t let get out of my life,” he said.

Hoda then asked if he’d be having Nikki sign a prenup, to which he responded, “Yes– to protect her because she’s an independent woman and she’s made her own money and she’s proud of that.”

The couple announced their split with a statement earlier this month.