Mandy Moore Shares Details from Her Secret Backyard Wedding [Watch]

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mandy moore
Mandy Moore Instagram / @mandymoore

This is Us star Mandy Moore is currently enjoying her time as a newlywed after her December marriage to rocker Taylor Goldsmith. But on a recent episode of Today, Moore took some time to reminisce about her intimate backyard wedding…and reveal why they decided to keep it a secret.

“People are so kind when you get engaged and everyone wants to know how the wedding plans are going and when it’s happening,” said Moore. “We were pretty tight lipped about it because we got married at our house, just with family and a few friends, so we kind of wanted to keep the day just for us.”

The two started dating back in 2015, at the same time when she was ending her marriage to Ryan Adams. Nevertheless, the story of how Goldsmith and Moore met is as adorable as their wedding.

“Somehow he found this little message that I left and sent a message through his folks to my folks, and we sort of started corresponding through email,” says Moore.

“Then we went on a first date. It was the most epic, three-hour first date. We just didn’t stop talking and then he left the next day to go on tour for six weeks, so we basically got to know each other and sort of fall in love on the phone and online.”