Mandy Moore Says She May or May Not Have a Surprise Wedding and She’s the Calmest Bride-to-Be Ever

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When I got married, I wasn’t a bridezilla or anything— but I was a little stressed throughout the planning process, making sure everything was perfect for the big day. Mandy Moore, on the other hand, is about as cool as a cucumber when it comes to planning her wedding to Taylor Goldsmith.

In an interview with E!, Mandy opened up about how wedding planning is going and honestly, I wish I could’ve been half as chill as she is about it.

“There’s been nothing— I mean, I think we have a general ballpark idea of when we want it to happen, but I think because it’s not going to be some lavish affair, it’s maybe something that isn’t going to require a bunch of planning,” she said.

She went on to say that, despite her profession, she doesn’t like being the center of attention, so she wants to keep her wedding small and simple.

“It could happen at a moment’s notice. Maybe I won’t even tell people and they’ll just show up at the house and it will all unfold,” she said.

To be honest, I’ll forever be a little sad/mad/in denial that she’s not marrying Milo Ventimiglia.