Mario Lopez Says Wife Courtney's Current Pregnancy is a "Miracle"

Mario Lopez Says Wife Courtney’s Current Pregnancy is a “Miracle”

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Last Friday (Jan. 11,) Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney announced to the world that they were expecting their third child. But, he still can’t believe it.

“If it didn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be. Not part of God’s plan. We have one of each,” the Extra host told People magazine about how he and his wife had almost given up having another child. “But it got in there! It snuck in, towards the end, so a bit of a Christmas miracle.”

Even their kids were shocked at the news.

“At first they were like, ‘Wait, what?’” Lopez said about the reaction of their kids Gia Francesca and Dominic “Nico” Luciano. “They couldn’t understand. It took a second for it to register. My daughter got very dramatic. She was like, ‘If I have another brother, I’m telling you right now, I’m moving to Texas!’”

The baby is due to arrive in July and until then, it sounds like Lopez will be catering to his wife and making sure she is taken care of.

“(I plan on) showering her with even more love and affection,” Lopez says. “I know she appreciates and loves it. She’s the quarterback of the team. You’ve got to protect the quarterback.”

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