“Friends” Star Matt LeBlanc Hilariously Hockey Checks James Corden [Watch]

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Friends” star Matt LeBlanc took James Corden OUT, and taught him a little something about hockey in the process.

Both Matt LeBlanc and Will Arnett visited The Late Late Show with James Corden, and they bonded over their hockey past. But, before they could get into the hockey bro-talk, Matt confronted James and Will about his invite to space camp.

With James making up an excuse, “We actually bought four individual tickets. Me, Will, Chris, and Elizabeth. But next time, if you’re up for It, for sure.”

Will tagged along saying, “One hundred percent. I think you’ve changed your [phone] number.” James and Will’s excuses seemed to appease Matt, and they continued with the interview. The men return to the conversation of hockey, and Matt admits “he clearly wasn’t great because he’s not in the NHL.”

The actor shares that in 1996 he played in a celebrity hockey match with his buddy and co-star Matthew Perry. For the celebrity match, he asked his mother to ship his old hockey gear to him without opening it—- he had no idea what could be inside.

“It’s the celebrity hockey game so these guys are wearing the latest, greatest equipment. Mine’s got mildew stains. It’s got my name written in the sharpie; It says ‘LeBlanc’ on it. It looks like a third grader wrote it. My stuff was so outdated— I was so embarrassed.”

He goes on to share how he was not aware that because it was the celebrity match, they adjusted the rules so there would be no checks. As soon as Matt said “check”, James quickly questioned what it was— because he is not familiar with the game of hockey.

James joked, “What’s hockey without that? It’s just synchronized skating.”

Will finally chimed in, “Let’s cool it, alright? As the representative of Canada here tonight, hockey is a sport of kings, okay?”

Having never been “checked” before, James decided he wanted to understand what it felt like; so, he enlisted the help of his friend, Mr. Matt LeBlanc. As Matt exhibited a “check”, James dramatically fell over the table and onto the couch. He definitely learned a few things.