“Flip or Flop’s” Christina El Moussa Speaks Out On Painful Divorce From Tarek: “I Felt Like I Was Drowning”

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For countless fans of the HGTV show “Flip or Flop,” there was a time when Christina El Moussa looked like she had a perfect life and the perfect husband. Yet, on the inside, she was going through so much, eventually resulting in a painful divorce earlier this year to her love and business partner.

Now, in a new interview with People Magazine, Christina El Moussa is speaking out about the pain she was going through during that time. “I felt like I was drowning,” says the 34-year-old mother of two. “I was doing whatever I could to stay above water and just get through the day.”

Indeed, there was much up in the air following the split, including the fate of the couple’s much-loved show. “A lot of people were thinking, ‘What’s going to happen?’,” she recalls. “Tarek and I were so tied together on everything: real estate, the show, our children, our house. It was so stressful, and everyone was worried that it was going to explode.”

Fortunately, Christina El Moussa says the dust has begun to settle, and she is currently putting her life together once again. “I thought of this year like a rebuild,” she says. “So I’m starting from scratch. I’m moving, I have a new TV show, a new boyfriend—there’s a lot of projects going on. I’m just so happy, and for the first time in a long time, I feel at peace, which is such a good feeling.”