Destiny’s Child Reunited at Coachella and Who Run the World? Girls


I know you how you feel about Beyonce– you don’t care, you don’t like her. Great, we’re here to discuss Destiny’s Child, the greatest girl group of all-time made up of Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

In 1999 Destiny’s Child released their The Writing’s On The Wall album, with the hits “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Say My Name” on it. The album sold 8 million copies and I listened to it every single day in my car as a 10th grader. By the time the trio released “Independent Women Part 1,” and “Survivor” a couple of years later I realized that besides my Sunday school teachers these ladies were some of the only women in my life speaking empowerment to me. You think you don’t agree with them, but have you ever read the lyrics to “Nasty Girl?”

Shakin’ that thang on that man, lookin’ all stank and nasty
Swore you look cute girl in them dukes, booty all out lookin’ trashy
Sleazy put some clothes on, I told ya
Don’t walk out ya heezy without clothes on, I told ya
You nasty girl, you nasty you trashy
You classless girl, you sleazy you freaky
I ain’t never met a girl that does the things that you do
Change don’t come your way it will come back to you
Put some clothes on girl

Destiny’s Child didn’t just speak to girls, they spoke for girls, so when Beyonce went solo in 2003 I wasn’t prepared for what was next– 15 years of peak entertainment from the vocals of one Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Bey always told us she was still friends with Kelly and Michelle, but I didn’t believe it until they reunited at Super Bowl XLVII, where they literally caused the electricity to go out. Now, all these years later I believe it and I feel it as Destiny’s Child reunited at Coachella under the stars of the California desert sky.

Though she didn’t have to, Bey did let Kelly and Michelle sing lead vocals when it was their turn, which only proved to me that Bey is practicing what she preaches– girls do run the world.


The only person who loved the reunion more than me was Adele. And that’s fine. She’s Adele.

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