George W. Bush Nearly Ruined Daughter Barbara’s Engagement

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Barbara Bush recently wed the love of her life, Craig Coyne, in a quaint ceremony— but as it turns out, her dad, former president George W. Bush, nearly ruined the engagement in the most dad-like way ever.

During the Monday, October 15 episode of “Today,” Jenna Bush Hager told Hoda Kotb the hilarious story of how her dad nearly foiled Barbara’s engagement. Before Craig could propose to Barbara, he asked George for his daughter’s hand.

“My dad asked a lot of questions,” Jenna told Hoda Kotb of their conversation. “It was like ‘Meet the Fockers,’ kind of. He asked him a lot of questions — he didn’t just let him get away with it.”

After giving Craig his blessing, George couldn’t wait to share the news with the family.

“My dad thought he was proposed to,” Jenna said. “So he texted family members, and he’s like, ‘Barbara and Craig are getting married!'”

The only problem? Craig hadn’t actually proposed yet.

“So, Barbara and I were off for a walk, and my cousins starting texting, going, ‘Congrats!'” Jenna said. Barbara then quickly responded to the group text, saying, “Dad, Craig has not asked me!”

Naturally, George tried to cover his tracks. “My aunt said my dad like ran over and (yelled), ‘Never mind!”

Oh, George.