Goldie Hawn Got a Little Too Close for Comfort During Birth of Kate Hudson’s Daughter

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There is nothing like watching a child being born. And when that child is your granddaughter, the experience just goes to a whole new level.

Just ask Goldie Hawn.

In an interview on Thursday (Jan. 17) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hawn recounted that special experience with her daughter Kate Hudson, who gave birth to little Rani Rose last October.

““I’m trying to get in on him to try to look over his shoulder, and I see the head and I’m going, ‘Oh, there’s the head!’ And then it went back,”,” laughed Hawn on the talk show in which Hudson was sitting in for regular host Ellen DeGeneres.  “And [the doctor] said, ‘Goldie, if you get any closer, you’re gonna fall in,’ So I took my cue. I didn’t get that much closer!”

Last year, the mother daughter team discussed Rani’s big brother Bingham’s birth, which was a whole lot different.

“I got hungry!” Hawn confessed. “She was in the stirrups and everything and was dilated. So I said, ‘I’m really hungry, I’m just going to come back.’ I came back with pizza and Doritos.”

“The best part was when Mom called me when I was in labor and said, ‘I’m was about to take a swim and then I was going to have a massage. How long do you think you’re going to be laboring?’ Hudson laughed. “And I was like, ‘I don’t know, Mom!’ I’m calling the nurse going, ‘Do you know how long I’m going to be laboring? My mom wants to swim.’ “

Oh Goldie!