Sweet Grandmom Has To Hold Back Tears When Surprised With Justin Timberlake Tickets


Bette Maloney, 88, is a big Justin Timberlake fan. According to her granddaughters,  she has every one of his CDs. Maloney, known as Nammie to her grandchildren, got the surprise of the year when she opened up her Easter basket to find a ticket to Timberlake’s Man of The Woods Tour. 


“I’ve been trying to figure out how to save money to go!” Maloney, 88, said as she started to tear up. She mentioned that she won $65 in the Lottery and was setting that aside for a ticket.

According to her granddaughter Sarah Watson, Nammie spends “hours on her iPad watching his videos” like any self-respecting JT fan would.

“She thinks he’s super talented … and she loves that he’s married and has a cute baby,” Watson added. “She thinks he’s ‘settled down.'”

And what more could a Grandmother want than to see a young person settled down and successful?

Dusty Sullivan
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