10 Hilarious Tweets About Beth and Randall’s Big Fight on “This Is Us”

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In the latest episode of “This is Us,” Randall and Beth Pearson’s tensions came to a head with their big fight. However, on the plus side, we also got to see the very loving backstory of the couple and it just melted our hearts. Suffice it to say, it made us love Beth and Randall even more.

While it may be just a TV show, Randall and Beth have us invested in their story and their love and there is a devote legion of fans who need the couple to be OK. So when their big fight came to this strong couple on Tuesday night (March 26), fans fell apart. It set off a social media frenzy by fans who will not stand for a Randall and Beth break up and some of them were pretty funny.

Check out these hilarious tweets about Randall and Beth’s big fight that scared us all.

1. “I want this on the record…if Randall and Beth get a divorce, I will beat EVERY single NBC writer of this show up…I swear to god dawg

2. The rest of us bums don’t stand a chance if Beth and Randall can’t make it.

3. I cant believe Randall is on my nerves. writers, what have y’all done?! What. Have. Y’all. Done.

4. Me on Beth’s side while she’s tearing into Randall until she made that anxiety attack comment

5. Is Beth really bitching at Randall for wearing a suit in hot weather when she’s wearing a sweatshirt?

6. Randall I’m side eyeing you bruh. You knew what you were doing when you asked about living single.

7. Less than 5 min in and all I want is a Randall/Beth spin-off

8. Hello it’s been 10 minutes and I would definitely watch a whole series solely about Beth and Randall’s college years


9. Me watching Beth and Randall tonight on :


10. When Beth and Randall close the door.

11. The differences in the way Randall and Beth are dressed on this date.

12. Oh Randall and Beth, you have me like…

13.  if Beth and Randall break up, I’m suing the whole show

14.  I need Randall and Beth to work things out . . . soon!

15. Pregnant wife is too much. Was laying there falling asleep to ‘This is Us’ and she walks in the room with a steaming plate of nachos after seeing Beth and Randall’s date. Now I’m wide awake and have to brush my teeth again.

16. Beth and Randall are making me hungry for nachos!