Today’s Hoda Kotb Gets a Sweet Surprise Courtesy of Joe Biden

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Today host Hoda Kotb always seems to have much on her plate, from her television duties to being a mama to her adorable daughter Haley Joy. Yet, she has also found the time this year to become an author, writing the book “I’ve Loved You Since Forever” earlier this year. And it was at a signing for her much-loved book that she got a shocking surprise, courtesy of former vice president Joe Biden and his wife Jill.

In a series of photos shared on her Instagram page last Saturday (July 7,) Kotb could be seen meeting with some of the hundreds of fans who turned out at Browseabout Books in Delaware, always with that beautiful smile of hers on her face. But that simple smile turned into a look of down right shock when she noticed that two of the fans in line were none other than the Bidens!

The always classy couple showed up not only with their bike helmets in hand, but also a bouquet of beautiful hydrangeas for the author and television personality. The couple ended up sticking around to not only get a pic alongside Kotb, but also alongside her mother Sami and of course, Haley Joy!