Howie Mandel Remembers Meghan Markle From “Deal or No Deal”…Or Does He?


With “Deal or No Deal” set to return to CNBC with Howie Mandel as host, the “America’s Got Talent” judge stopped by “Ellen” to talk about a certain celebrity who once worked on the show.

You may recall that the actress turned  Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry in May, appeared on the show in 2006 as one of the many briefcase models. When asked if Howie remembered the royal family member, he of course said he did.

“I do, I do remember her. I remember saying, ‘Open the case’ and I remember all the girls saying ‘who?’ and I said ‘the one who’s gonna be the future duchess,’” Howie joked.

When asked if he was at the royal wedding, Howie again joked about his invite. “I was invited. They called me—Meghan called me— and gave met the date and said would you like to come,” Howie told Ellen. “Honestly I said, ‘no.’ I didn’t feel right. They called me again and they said, ‘please come,’ and I said ‘nah.’ That’s basically the whole story.”

But Howie did celebrate the couples big day. alone in his apartment surrounded by British memorabilia, which he shared with Ellen. We can tell he and Meghan are really close. 

Lisa Konicki
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