Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert Share Details of Baby Boy’s Closet Birth — “It Was Terrifying”

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When Bachelor in Paradise’s Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert were preparing to give birth to their second child, they never dreamed it would happen in their master bedroom closet. That wasn’t the plan.

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However, that’s what happened when the couple welcomed their second child, a boy, into the world on Monday (July 29). Jade and Tanner sat down via Skype with Entertainment Tonight to share their “terrifying” moment.

“It was terrifying. The moment I realized that we weren’t going to make it to the hospital, I was screaming,” Jade revealed.  “It took my pain level to a whole other level because of fear.”

Jade went on to share what they were doing when it all went down.

“We were watching ‘The Bachelorette” finale with my mom and I was just sitting on the couch. I’d been having labor pains for weeks so I didn’t think anything of it and I felt this pop and my water broke. We called my mid wife and we were timing my contractions and they were 6 minutes apart, Jade shared. “The mid wife was just like, ‘just watch the time, don’t have the baby in the car,’ she was joking around. Tanner went upstairs to shower, I got in the bath just to relax and then we were going to go to the hospital. All of a sudden it was like the labor contractions got so intense and sped up.”

She continued, “I yell at Tanner, I’m in the closet trying to get dressed so we can go to the hospital. He’s helping me get into clothes, he puts me in his gym shorts.”

Tanner jumps in saying, “At this stage I’m just trying to get her dressed and get her in the car so we can get down there. Little did I know, the head was basically down in the birth canal and she couldn’t walk.”

“We were all in the closet,” Jade explains. “I’m hunched over clenching this bench. Tanner’s calling 9-1-1. They got there in like six minutes, they got here so fast. Within two minutes after they got there, he came out. ”

Tanner said, “When I was back there before the ambulance got there I could see the whole head, he was crowning. I was there by myself and our moms, with a head of hair and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is actually going to happen.’ Literally as they walked in, Jade gave the final push. Bam! In the closet, there we go.”

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“He almost had to catch the baby on his own,” Jade added.

Happy to say that the baby boy and mom are doing fine. While the couple has yet to decide on a name, their little guy is a welcome addition to the Tolbert family, which includes big sister Emmy, who turns 2 on Aug. 17.

Congratulations to the Tolbert family.