James Corden Expresses Love for Jeff Goldblum in Hilarious Parody of “Thank U, Next” [WATCH]

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James Corden has always had a way of having a connection with guests of his late-night talk show, but he may have taken his relationship with actor James Goldblum a little too far. Heck, he wrote a song for him.

During a recent episode of The Late Late Show, Corden shared his parody song “Thank U, Jeff,” drawing obvious inspiration from Ariana Grande’s song “Thank U, Next.” The song lyrics included hilarious lines such as ‘first saw him in The Fly/ His face was grotesque’ and  ‘but who could forget the hot doctor he played in Jurassic.”

 And yes, there was a music video to go along with the song that had Corden lying on a bed in what looked to be silk pajamas singing about his much-loved guest. But he really turned it up during the song’s chorus, singing ‘He taught me love/ He taught me patience/ He taught me pain/ Jeff Goldblum’s amazing’.

“Very beautiful,” Goldblum said at the end of the song. “Consider it expressed.  “That journal, with all the pictures of me, have you had that for a while? You compiled that?”

“I’ll get rid of it,” Corden quickly replied.

I’m not sure we wanted to know, but now we know.