Jenna Bush Hager Shares Creepy Story About the White House


It’s been nearly a decade since former U.S. President George W. Bush and his family resided in the White House, but, of course, they have memories from their time there that will last a lifetime— some more creepy than others.

On a recent episode of “Today,” Jenna Bush Hager shared a particularly spooky story about an incident that occurred when she and her twin, Barbara, shared a bedroom.

According to Jenna, she and Barbara were sleeping when, in the middle of the night, her phone rang, waking them both up. But what happened next has no explanation whatsoever.

“We had a fireplace in our room, and all a sudden we started hearing, like, 1920s piano music as clear as day coming out of the fireplace,” she told Hoda Kotb.

Like most sisters would in the situation, Jenna jumped into Barbara’s bed— “We were both awake!”

About a week later, they heard it again. “The next week, we heard the same thing but opera,” she said. Jenna told a White House staffer about what they’d heard, which only confirmed her suspicion that what they heard was ghost-like.

“I said ‘Buddy, you wouldn’t believe what we heard last night,’ and he goes, ‘Oh, Jenna, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve heard.’”

According to “Today,” this isn’t the first time White House residents and staffers have had spooky encounters. Some have reported seeing or feeling the presence of President Abraham Lincoln, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, Andrew Jackson and even British soldiers walking the hallways.

But, fear not. Jenna insisted to Hoda Kotb that “they were friendly ghosts.” If you say so!

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