Jenna Dewan Talks Parenting After Divorce From Channing Tatum


As a woman in 2018, dancer and World of Dance co-host Jenna Dewan is much like the rest of us, trying to work through struggles and challenges and stresses to make it through to the other side.

And despite her superstar status, she’s also incredibly real.

And it’s this side of her that was on display during a recent interview with Extra about what parenthood is like without her ex Channing Tatum by her side. “It’s not like we’re surprised that we’re exhausted,” Dewan said about parenting her and Tatum’s five-year-old daughter Everly. “Do you ever hear someone say… ‘you’re gonna be a mom but you have so much energy’! You’re like… ‘I’m good on a couple hours sleep. I can do anything.’ But yes, every single thing I know (Everly’s) watching.”

We so get it, Jenna. 

Fans will recall that Tatum and Dewan were married for almost nine years before they announced their separation. But like so many other women, she refuses to let her personal life slow down her professional life, which still includes her first love of dance.

“I was into (my mom’s) Jane Fonda videos,” she said in the Extra interview. “I begged her to take me to send an audition tape to Star Search and it was to (Michael Jackson’s) ‘Smooth Criminal.’ That’s why ‘World of Dance’ was so important to me because I would have wanted to be on that show.”


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