Will Jennifer Aniston Duet with Dolly Parton For New Movie?


Jennifer Aniston is known for taking on many roles throughout her career but will singer be one of the roles she adds to her repertoire?

The actress stopped by “Ellen” on Tuesday to talk about the new movie she has in the works and the superstar country artist she’s working with.

“[Dolly Parton] is actually doing the music. It’s a movie called “Dumplin.'” It’s a beautiful young coming-of age movie. We had a dinner at my house a couple of weeks ago. It was a five hour dinner,” Jennifer revealed.

During the dinner, Dolly and Jen’s musical director began talking about scoring the movie. That’s when Jen jumped in and said she’d love to be on a track. Dolly laughed it off and continued talking to her musical director.

Fast forward to today and Jen got a little surprise. “Last week we got this email from Sony, that was the scheduling of the recordings. There is Jen and Dolly 12-1:30 on Tuesday. I was like, ‘this has got to be a joke.’ I’m not singing with Dolly Parton on an album that is going to be heard by, hopefully, millions of people. So I’m still up in the air on whether or not I should do it.”

Ellen told Jen that she should do it, saying, “you can sing.” So Jen turned to the audience asking for their opinion and all signs point to yes.

Jennifer is producing and starring in the movie “Dumplin,'” adapted from the best selling book by Julie Murphy, while Dolly’s songs will be featured in the film.

Lisa Konicki
A New Yorker that made her way to the South, Lisa got her love of country music from her dad, who always played the classics. However, her love of fried pickles, a southern staple, came from Blake Shelton, who made her try her very first one. With 20 years experience in the music biz—previously at the helm of Country Weekly Magazine —Lisa loves to de-stress by going to the movies, playing and watching sports or just being outdoors.