You Really Need to Watch Jennifer Garner’s Memorial Tribute to Her Deceased Chicken Regina George

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It’s official– I will never understand Jennifer Garner, nor will I ever try to understand her again. After Garner’s claim that she didn’t know what she was thinking about during the Oscars, I didn’t believe her, but now– after this video, I do. Jennifer Garner is in her own, amazing little world and I’m now just glad I get to glance into it from time to time.

J. Garner is currently going through a tough loss as one of her chickens, Regina George. Jennifer shared a memorial tribute to Regina, which featured the chicken spending time with Jennifer in the family’s backyard, going on walks and even mingling with her other chicken pals. The video was set to piano and a lovely tribute to a farm animal.


In the past, Jennifer has shared other videos of Regina and it seems like she was quite the lady.

Also, if Jennifer Garner is really this funny, I’m going to need less credit card commercials and more something else besides credit card commercials.